Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Drain and sewer cleaning equipment

Drain & sewer cleaning machine

Drain and sewer cleaning is another one of the valuable services provided by Western Septic & Excavation. We offer a full menu of drain and sewer cleaning services that go far beyond simple septic tank pumping and repair. We provide drain and sewer cleaning services to the urban areas of Twin Falls, Buhl, Hagerman, Wendell, Gooding, Jerome, Kimberly, and other areas in South Central Idaho.

Are your drains constantly backing up? Is your toilet not flushing correctly? Is you shower drain clogged?

Using cutting-edge techniques and modern equipment, we are able to clean almost all sewer and drain blockages. Blockages are often caused by objects dropped in the drain or toilet, grease, soap deposits, roots, and other debris. Besides simply cleaning the drain or sewer, we are equipped with camera inspection equipment that allows us to look inside the pipe. We are then able to identify the cause and location of the problem. Here is a video in which we were able to actually retrieve a customer’s wedding ring that had been flushed down the toilet. This type of job would be possible without the latest equipment and methods.

Western Septic & Excavation is your #1 source for drain and sewer cleaning services!

No matter what your drain or sewer problem is, Western Septic & Excavation has the equipment and expertise to get your drain or sewer flowing again. We offer a complete menu of drain and sewer cleaning services that allow us to complete difficult jobs successfully. Give us a call today and let our expert technicians help you with your drain or sewer problem.

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    Sewer inspection camera

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