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4 Common Septic Tanks Winter Issues & How To Handle Them

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Winter conditions can be especially difficult for septic tank owners as frigid temperatures, melting snow, and frozen ground can create various potential issues. While maintenance should always be a top priority during all four seasons, winter-specific problems are common and often unique to the season, which is why they require specialized solutions. 

To ensure you’re prepared for whatever this winter throws your way, look at these four most common septic tank issues that occur during the coldest months of the year. We also present practical tips on preventing or addressing them, so your tank works smoothly even in the harshest weather. Let’s begin!

1. Frozen Tanks or Pipes

One of the most common issues that can arise in winter is when the pipes or tank itself freezes. This is often caused by damage from heavy snow, flooding, or seeping ground moisture due to melting snow that seeps into the system. Preventing this problem requires a combination of proactive measures like installing insulation for your septic tank, pipes, and ground to minimize heat loss.

2. Snow And Soil Pressure On The Tank

When the ground freezes, snow can seep into septic systems and cause pressure on your septic tank. This could lead to cracks or leaks in the septic tank walls or seeping sewage. To prevent this issue, keep your septic system clear of excess soil. Also, keep an eye out for early signs of seeping, like damp soil, around your septic tank.

3. Irregular Or Improper Usage

Another common issue during winter is irregular or improper septic tank usage. This is often due to people leaving their homes or not being in your septic system’s service area for extended periods, leading to increased septic maintenance needs. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to have a septic tank maintenance plan for regular septic tank pumping and inspections.

4. Breach In Water Pipes

If septic systems are not properly cared for during the winter, their water supply pipes can freeze and break. Ensuring that your septic tank is properly insulated is important to minimize this risk. You should also reduce groundwater seepage by installing a drainage system or sump pump.

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