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Sewer Camera Inspection in [location], [region]

As experts in septic tank pumping, Western Septic & Excavation performs sewer camera inspection services throughout Twin Falls and the surrounding counties. Our sewer camera inspection services are available in communities near Twin Falls, Jerome, Gooding, Wendell, Buhl, Hagerman, Bliss, Shoshone, Kimberly, Hansen, Eden, and Hazelton. Murtaugh, Burley, Rupert, Paul, Richfield, Castleford, and more!

Are you in need of a sewer camera inspection?

Sewer camera inspection services are a valuable tool in properly diagnosing sewer or drain problems. We use a special camera attached to a cable to view to inside of a pipe.

Problem areas are located with a machine that reads a signal from the camera head. The video footage is recorded and saved to a DVD or thumb drive for future use. So, if you’re looking for “septic and excavation near me,” we’re the go-to service.

Sewer camera inspections save you money!

Did you know that having Western Septic & Excavation perform a sewer camera inspection can save you money? It’s true! Many people spend hundreds of dollars every year to have their sewer or drain pipes cleaned. By having an inspection done, you are able to see the true cause of the problem with your own eyes. Backups are often caused by something as simple as a single bad joint in the pipe that is allowing roots to grow. Sometimes a gas line or sprinkler pipe has been bored or trenched through the sewer line. Regardless of the issue, a simple repair can eliminate further issues, often without the cost of a completely new sewer.

Once the problem is located, we have the information we need to recommend a solution. We are able to see exactly how much pipe needs to be replaced, how deep the pipe is, and the location of the line in relation to buildings, landscaping, and other features of concern. Therefore, we provide a more accurate and cost-effective quote for the repair.

Septic tank pumping in [location], [region]

Septic systems are buried underground, which makes them difficult to locate. When a problem with the septic tank arises, the tank lid must be dug up and the tank pumped. Many people have no idea where their septic tank is. We can usually locate septic tanks quickly using basic techniques.

However, we are occasionally asked to service a tank that is buried in an unknown location. When this happens, our sewer camera and locator enable us to pinpoint the exact location of the septic tank.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning in [location], [region]

There are many situations in which a sewer camera inspection allows us to complete jobs that would otherwise be impossible successfully. Accidents happen. For example, people flush objects like jewelry, silverware, or other items down the drain. When using our camera, we have the ability to watch the end of our cable and the head. As a result, we are able to retrieve objects that have been dropped into the drain. Click here to view a video where our sewer camera inspection equipment helped us retrieve a customer’s wedding ring from the sewer after it was accidentally flushed down the toilet.

Hydro Jetting in [location], [region]

Western Septic & Excavation uses our sewer camera inspection equipment in conjunction with our hydro jetting services to ensure that the job is done right. When hydro jetting, it isn’t as easy to feel a problem as when using a cable snake machine. In a lot of cases, it is important actually to see what is happening with the jet nozzle.

We use our sewer camera inspection equipment to navigate the nozzle into the correct position. After cleaning, we can use it to verify that all roots, grease, sludge, etc., have been completely removed. Click here to see a video that shows how a sewer camera was used on one of our jobs to verify that roots had been removed from a clay sewer pipe.

Trenchless sewer repair in [location], [region]

Our sewer inspection camera capabilities are a critical component of our trenchless sewer repair services. The first step in any trenchless job is to inspect the sewer to verify that it is a candidate for a trenchless repair. We use this footage to take critical measurements and other information.

After the repair is complete, the sewer cameras allow us to verify that the job was a success. Here is a video that shows before and after footage of a PipePatch No-Dig Pipe Repair in a drain that was under a slab inside a home.