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What Are The Pieces of a Septic System?

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As a septic tank owner, properly understanding and maintaining your system is crucial for effective operation. Most people are unfamiliar with the inner workings of their septic systems. However, learning about this can help you better understand how it functions and how to maintain it properly. 

This blog post will explore the details behind what makes up a typical septic system, everything from the major components like tanks and drain fields down to minor parts like lids, filters, and pipes. By reading through this piece, you’ll become more informed when it comes time to take care of your septic system.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

The first step to understanding the structure of a septic tank is being aware of how this system works. A septic tank is an underground holding tank for the waste that enters your home. When water and waste from your home flow into the tank, it encounters two scum layers: a top layer of grease, fats, and oils, followed by a bottom sludge layer made up of grit, particles, and other debris.

The tank also contains some baffles that help the water and waste flow evenly, preventing solids from being stirred up and allowing them to seep into the drain field. Once this happens, the septic tank is ready to process any additional wastewater that enters it. If you have further doubts, we recommend speaking to the company that performed your septic system installation.

Common Components of a Septic System

While septic tanks seem simple and easy to understand, many different components make up most septic systems. Some of the main parts include:

-Tanks: The septic tank itself is made up of two chambers called compartments. These function together to hold wastewater while allowing solids to settle at the bottom and for scum to rise to the top.

-Drain fields: The septic tank’s drain field is an underground network of pipes surrounded by gravel. These allow seeping wastewater to filter into the soil, where it will be broken down naturally by bacteria.

-Lids, filters, and pipes: Besides these large components, septic tanks also contain smaller parts like septic tank lids for access to the tanks, septic filter systems to keep solids from clogging up, or septic pipes that help wastewater flow into the tank. 

Does Your Septic Tank Need Maintenance? 

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