Excavation Services

Western Septic & Excavation – Your first choice for excavating services in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley!

Western Septic & Excavation began as a one-man dump truck and backhoe service in 2004. Our original service offerings were limited to basic services such as trenching, pond cleaning, and sand and gravel hauling. Before long, we became licensed to install septic systems and sewer and water lines in order to better serve the needs of our customers. Through the years, as our experience has increased and in response to customer demand, we have become highly specialized in the areas of septic and sewer installation and repair. While we still offer basic backhoe services, we are committed to providing a premium level of service in the sewer and septic industries.

General Excavating Services

Western Septic & Excavation provides all types of general excavating services in the residential and light commercial markets. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to perform nearly any excavating job that is needed. Because of our long history in the construction trades, we understand the needs of contractors and homeowners and provide quality excavation services of all types. We dig foundations and basements of all sizes and install the sewer and water connections to new homes. Furthermore, if you need trenches dug for electrical conduits or other services, we offer trenching services as well. We are also experienced in residential grading and drainage, providing rough grading, water retention, and fine grading services. We also offer sand and gravel delivery services for the construction of driveways or private roads.

Septic Systems

Western Septic & Excavation is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured complex septic system installer. We can install or repair any type of septic system in the state of Idaho. Because we specialize in septic systems, we take an open-minded approach to septic systems and drainfield design. This enables us to find solutions to nearly any septic system problem. Call us today for any septic system installation or repair needs.

Sand And Gravel

We deliver sand and gravel products throughout Twin Falls and the surrounding areas. We also have sources for topsoil, if needed.

Water And Sewer Line Services

We install and repair all types of water lines and sewer lines. Because we utilize today’s techniques and equipment to install or repair nearly any underground water or sewer line, we can often complete these jobs with little to no digging. This reduces the amount of disruption and landscape repairs you have to deal with. We are licensed with the State of Idaho for the installation or repair of any underground utilities outside of your home.


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