Our sincerest gratitude…

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Western Septic & Excavation would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for the many ways in which we have been blessed. We owe our business and our success to answered prayers and the many people who have contributed to our growth.

gratitude grateful thankful thanksgivingFrom the very beginning 8 years ago, when our company emerged as nothing more than a couple of young, hopelessly broke, inexperienced young men with a small, old, used pumper truck, many people in this amazing community have placed an incredible amount of faith in us when we didn’t feel like we deserved it, and supported us in ways too numerous to mention. We feel deeply indebted to each one of you. There were those who backed us financially, against odds, out of the goodness of their hearts. There were those who hired us, and we knew deep down they didn’t need our services, but they did it as a means of helping. There is no way we can ever express our gratitude or repay you for your selflessness.

Today, we owe it to those who have placed so much faith in us and our company to continue to be the best we can be. We aren’t perfect, but we will always strive to be better. It’s the least we can do. So, whether you are a loyal customer, a dedicated employee, a competitor who took us under your wing and helped us find our footing, or just a faithful friend, Western Septic & Excavation would not, could not, exist without you. To each and every one of you, we are forever grateful, and we wish many blessings upon you and yours in return.

Happy Thanksgiving!