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How Often Is It Recommended To Pump Your Septic Tank?

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Regular maintenance is essential for homeowners with a septic system to avoid costly damages that can arise from a neglected tank. To ensure your system is running efficiently and safely, you need to pay attention to one major piece of maintenance: pumping your septic tank. 

The frequency of septic tank pumping will vary depending on several factors, including the size of your home, how many people are living in it, and any special needs or accommodations such as an icemaker or garbage disposal. In this blog post, we will explore what goes into deciding how often you should pump your septic tank so you can keep yours in good working condition for years!

Take a Look at Scum And Sludge Levels

One of the most important factors in deciding how often you should pump your septic tank is taking a look inside. The septic tank typically consists of two layers- scum, which contains fats and grease, as well as solids that have settled on the bottom. You’ll also find an area of sludge near the bottom, which collects bacteria and other materials from septic effluent.

To keep this system running smoothly, you’ll want to carefully monitor the levels of both scum and sludge inside your tank. To do this, simply measure how deep the liquid is at each level using a measuring stick or tape. If the sludge levels reach 1 foot at the bottom of the tank or the scum is almost 6 inches thick at the top, it means it’s time to schedule a septic tank pumping service.

The Frequency For Pumping Varies on Every Home

Of course, there are other factors to consider when determining the frequency of septic tank pumpings, including your home’s size, type of waste, and how many people live in it, as mentioned earlier. The general rule of thumb is that septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years for homes with up to 2 people and every 2-5 years for homes with up to 5 people.

If you’re unsure about how often your septic tank should be pumped, it’s best to consult with a septic professional who can assess the condition of your system and give you tailored recommendations based on its current state. With regular septic tank pumpings and proper maintenance, you can keep your septic system working perfectly for a very long time!

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